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Our mission and philosophy is to offer a peaceful, cordial, respectful, relaxed, and calm environment that fosters non-aggressive/non-competitive, recreational Martial Arts training to students who


  • prefer a lighter and more controlled training system

  • are seeking to become more technical, focused, and strategic

  • want to learn how to train and apply BJJ without using physical strength and attributes

  • want to train in an environment where there are no bad attitudes or bullying

  • want to practice BJJ for recreational, self-defense, and health purposes only (not for competition)

  • have disabilities

  • have health issues

  • are older

  • cannot or do not want to train with intensity or high speed

  • want to maintain physical health, safety, and prevent injury


William Dias is the head instructor of Silicon Valley Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Menlo Park, California.  Born in Sao Paulo, Brasil, he started in the Martial Arts at 7 years old.  He received his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt from Ralph Gracie in 2006 after 10 years of training and currently holds the rank of third degree black belt.  William is proud to be the first Brazilian born to study and practice Jiu-Jitsu all the way from white to black belt level under Ralph Gracie in the United States.  He is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, NESTA Certified Tactix Trainer, and Spencer Institute certified Mind Body Fitness Trainer.


He is proud to have earned a Black Belt Instructor Certificate from Ralph Gracie and the Rio de Janeiro BJJ Federation Certificate from Master Robson Gracie.  He believes in teaching with special attention to strong and solid basics, proper technique over power, and above all loyalty and dedication to and respect for his students and martial arts.

William's philosophy is that the true form of BJJ is for everyone as long as it is passed on in its purest and most basic form in exactly the way the Gracie family developed the art and wanted it to be taught to future generations.  His teachers Ralph Gracie and Sandro Batata have always reinforced and passed on the wisdom and experience that BJJ training should be first and foremost consisted of a strong foundation of fundamentals that have been tested and proven to assure effectiveness and allow skill progression.  This attention to basics has helped and guided William throughout his career as both student and practicioner and as a qualified black belt instructor.  Today, now on his second decade practicing BJJ, the basics and fundamentals still play the most important role in his training and teaching.  William's goal is to continue to teach the pure and basic system in the way he learned, uphold the Gracie family honor and tradition, and provide an effective and easy way to learn BJJ self-defense in a safe, respectful, cordial, and family-friendly way.

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