Silicon Valley Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Classic, old-school BJJ Training in Menlo Park, CA

Our mission and philosophy is to offer a peaceful, cordial, respectful, relaxed, and calm environment that fosters non-aggressive/non-competitive, recreational Martial Arts training to students who


  • prefer a lighter and more controlled training system
  • are seeking to become more technical, focused, and strategic
  • want to learn how to train and apply BJJ without using physical strength and attributes
  • want to train in an environment where there are no bad attitudes or bullying
  • want to practice BJJ for recreational, self-defense, and health purposes only (not for competition)
  • have disabilities
  • have health issues
  • are older
  • cannot or do not want to train with intensity or high speed
  • want to maintain physical health, safety, and prevent injury


All of our classes consist of fundamental techniques for white and blue belt levels.